Do you find yourself feeling sad, lonely, or worried about life transitions?

Do you find yourself feeling distant from friends or family?

Are you worried about your emotional well-being? 

You’re not alone. We can help.  

In today’s society, we all experience feelings of stress or sadness, but it can often be difficult to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings. Aging adults often have complex needs and experience functional and lifestyle changes that can adversely impact their emotional wellbeing. At Family Therapy Center, our Senior Therapeutic Care Services are tailored to meet the unique mental health needs of aging adults through individual, couples, family and group counseling services.  

We offer seniors a way to deal with:

  • New or unresolved mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety

  • Age-related health changes that might be affecting their emotional wellbeing, such as grief and loss, or changes in their day-to-day lives

  • Other relational issues, such as loneliness and isolation


What Should We Expect?

Employing a client-centered approach, our therapists support aging adults and their families to:

  • Improve or maintain overall emotional wellness

  • Understand and respond to the impact of age-related physical and social issues

  • Experience fulfillment in older age using mindfulness and life review

Senior Therapeutic services support you in addressing your individual difficulties and personal challenges. Talking over these struggles with your therapist, you can begin to view challenges in new ways, stop negative thinking patterns, and re-establish a sense of hope, joy, and fulfillment in your life.  

We recognize the various challenges that are unique to working with aging adults, and, in an effort to provide comprehensive services, clients may take part in either in-office or community-based outpatient assessment and treatment services with our therapists.

Our therapists are dedicated to helping aging adults and their families by providing evidence-based, personalized, and compassionate mental health services, and they work collaboratively with other care providers in a team-based approach that prioritizes safety and education.

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