Do you feel dissatisfied in your relationship?

Does it feel like you and your partner are speaking different languages?

Do you want to feel closer to your partner?

That’s normal! Let us support you in revitalizing the love and joy in your relationship.

Romantic relationships can be exciting, uplifting, fun, and bring you a special feeling of love you do not find in other relationships. However, they can also be difficult, complicated, challenging, and can leave you feeling alone. While every relationship has its challenges, it can sometimes begin to feel as if the negative parts are the most prominent. Relationship and couples therapy can help your relationship change and grow to create new ways of interacting that will bring joy and fulfillment back to the relationship.  

What should I expect in couples therapy?

When you come into Family Therapy Center for relationship counseling, your relationship is the “client”. This means that our therapists work with each partner to identify what the relationship needs. Each individual will be responsible for helping the relationship create new ways of interacting and meet the relationship’s goals. During couples counseling, we may occasionally ask to meet with each individual separately. This allows our therapists to best support your relationship by discovering and addressing the needs of each individual in the relationship.   

Common problems addressed by couples counseling:

·         Adjusting to parenthood

·         Communication difficulties

·         Considering divorce

·         Coping with life stressors

·         Disconnection

·         Frequent arguments

·         Grief and loss

couples therapy
couples therapy

·         Healing after trauma

·         Life transitions

·         Parenting issues

·         Premarital counseling

·         Recovering from infidelity

·        Sexual concerns


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.
— Maria Robinson

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