Certified Teen Therapy in Santa Clara is Closer Than You Think

Parenting isn’t easy, but you aren’t in it alone. At the Family Therapy Center of Silicon Valley we provide in-person, group, and family therapy for every age range. The ages between 13 and 19 can be particularly difficult, and pressures outside of your control can prevent your teen from coming to you for help. Our teen therapy center is just minutes from Santa Clara. We work with your teen to address the unique situations, issues, and stresses they face. Our therapists teach your teen healthy strategies and coping skills they can apply immediately and use to successfully navigate future situations. 


Choose a local teen therapist

You don’t have to have all the answers. You can read every manual on parenting and still encounter barriers when trying to communicate with your teen. A teen therapist provides a unique space for your teen to discuss and overcome problems they may not be comfortable bringing up to a parent or teacher. Some of the focus areas we work on include:

  • Strategies to reduce and manage anxiety, stress, depression and personal doubt. Our therapists help your teen to construct a positive self-identity and constructively manage, process, and move past negative feelings.

  • Reducing negative behaviors, such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual acting out, and self-harm behavior, through the use of constructive coping skills. We work with your teen to identify the root cause of the behavior, process it and overcome it using newly learned, healthy, and proactive coping skills.

  • Impulse control and teen anger management. Therapy provides a safe place of your teen to explore, understand, and work through negative emotions. Our therapists help them to process negative feelings and learn how to manage them appropriately in personal and social settings.

  • Teenage trauma counseling. Emotional, sexual, and physically traumatic events aren’t something anyone is naturally trained to process. Scheduling your teen for regular sessions with a trained, professional teen therapist in Santa Clara can provide them with the support, counsel, and skills they need to live a happy, healthy life after a major trauma.


We build understanding and trust, one session at a time

Santa Clara is an exciting city to grow up in, but in today’s changing social landscape isolation can impact a child, even when they seem socially active. Our therapists build trust with every visit. The therapist-client relationship is critical, and provides your teen with a safe place to consider feelings and thoughts they may not feel comfortable sharing with close friends or family.

The support system provided by a therapist doesn’t carry the same emotional expectations that a teen can place on him or herself when talking with friends, family, and teachers. The lack of a historical relationship makes it easier for a teen to open up and share honestly; that’s one of the primary reasons teen therapy can be so effective.


Our therapy center uses evidence-based techniques

Therapy is the most beneficial when it teaches teens how to make long-term positive behavioral changes. We use Family Systems Therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) because these methods are scientifically backed and supported by decades of independent research.

These methods teach skills that build on one another, focusing on gradual steps to lasting change. Teens will often receive homework assignments that ask them to implement skills learned during a therapy session. CBT seeks to examine, challenge, and alter existing coping mechanisms and thought patterns. Family Systems Therapy supports and strengthens the family unit through better communication and understanding.


Make a positive change, schedule teen counseling today!

It can be difficult to find the time to schedule another activity in your teen’s day, that’s why we make it as easy as possible. Appointment times are incredibly varied and include daily, evening, and weekend sessions. These are some of the most critical years for your child’s development—and our Santa Clara teen therapists help them to navigate them safely, healthily, and confidently.

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