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At Family Therapy Center of Silicon Valley we’re dedicated to your family. Family therapy can help establish healthy family dynamics, but teenagers between the ages of 14 and 19 encounter daily stresses outside of the family unit. Teen therapy is tailored to the unique needs of teenagers, addressing issues at home, school, and work in order to provide them with healthy coping skills and strategies for navigating both daily and major life events.


Help starts with a local teen therapist

You aren’t alone. The distance between a parent and their own teenage years can make it difficult to remember just how many new situations there are to navigate. Our teen therapists in Saratoga are uniquely positioned to help your teenage son or daughter at this transitory stage of their life. Some of the key areas we work on with teens as they enter adulthood include:

  • Strategies to reduce feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, and doubt. Our therapists can help your teen to establish a positive self-image and process negative feelings in a constructive and healthy way.

  • Harm reduction through the use of safe, constructive coping skills. We work with your teen to replace harmful coping skills including self-harm behavior, sexual acting out, and drug and alcohol abuse with healthy proactive skills they can carry into adulthood.

  • Teen anger management and impulse control. Our therapists teach your teen to identify, understand, and work through negative emotions in a healthy way both in their personal life and in social settings.

  • Teenage trauma counseling. Traumatic events like physical, sexual, or emotional abuse aren’t something young people are typically taught to process. Therapy can help your teen to live a healthy, happy life after a traumatic experience.


Building trust through understanding

Saratoga is a wonderful place to live, but that doesn’t prevent feelings of isolation for many teenagers. Our therapists build trust with your teens, and allow them to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings they may not feel comfortable expressing to family or even close friends. The therapist-client relationship can be uniquely helpful in this regard, providing teens with an active support system separated from the emotional history they have with parents, friends, and teachers.


We utilize evidence-based therapy techniques

The benefits of therapy are most pronounced when they support lasting positive change. Our therapists draw on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Family Systems Therapy techniques and concepts that are supported by decades of independent research.

These methods focus on gradual and lasting change, often involving homework assignments for clients to complete.  The goal of CBT is to examine, challenge, and alter existing thought patterns and coping mechanisms. Family Systems Therapy focuses on the family and we work to strengthen inter-family communication and understanding.


Teen counseling that works with you and your teen’s schedule!

Even a small town like Saratoga can leave a parent with very little time between activities.  When your teen needs help, you need a therapy center that understands your needs as well. We see clients daily, including evenings and weekends.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, or schedule an initial consultation for your teen.

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